Opening JBS: What Would Jesus Do?

Sermon: Perfect Jesus

Sermon preached on Jesus the perfect Lamb of God. Presented by Reverend Genard Lazar

Preaching: Reality Television

Does Reality TV reflect the real world? Are we to follow what the media portray as being normal? As Christians our reality is in Christ and through Him we find our identity. This sermon was preached by Rev. John Kushaba and deals with this issue that is shaping the way many people think and act.

Sermon: Welcoming, Uncompromised Church

Living the words we read in the Bible by being more welcoming in all environments and circumstances specially in Church, and standing up for the truth without compromise functioning harmoniously as members, being part of one body.

Ss. Peter & Paul Commemoration

When: Sunday, January 29, 2012
Time: 8:00am until 8:00pm
Where: Kosovich place, Cecil Park

***Outdoor Church service (Qurbana Qaddisha) commences 9:00am***

~ Guest of honour; HB Mar Meelis Zaia AM, Metropolitan ~

– Buses departing from St Hurmizd’s Cathedral 8:00am
– Food stalls
– Music & Entertainment
– Fundraiser lunch
– Fun & games for the whole family
– Church building update!

***Bring your hats, sunscreen & chairs***

+ “Let us honour the memorial of the Apostles with spiritual songs. Hallelujah, hallelujah, yea hallelujah!” +

Sermon: 1st Sunday after Epiphany

Preaching: The Epiphany of Christ