Preaching: Sh.Alan ‘Baptism part 1’

Deacon Alan George preached an introductory sermon on the holy sacrament of Baptism.

August’s JBS, dinner and Build the Bridge Competition

As it is accustom, the Youth Association held their monthly JBS for August. Rev’d Priest Narsai Youkhanis presented his sermon titled ‘The Will of God’.

Afterwards, dinner was served where everyone brought a meal to share from home.

Following this was the ‘Build the Bridge’ competition where 10 groups had to build a bridge and were tested on their strengths.

Sermon: Rev John ‘6th Sunday of Summer’

On the 6th Sunday of Summer (Church calendar) Reverend Father John Kushaba preached about the ten lepers, of whom only 1 (the foreign Samaritan) returned, thanked and worship Christ.

Preaching: Rev John ‘fear’

Reverend John preached about fear by firstly outlining its characteristics. Secondly, by identifying examples of fear that Christians and non-Christians usually have.

Sermon: Rev John ‘5th Sunday of Summer’

Reverend John Kushaba preached on the 5th Sunday of Summer about our faith, forgiveness some questions to reflect on: How is our relationship with Christ? Do we have a relationship with Christ? Let us turn to Him to guide us.

Sermon: Rev John ‘4th Sunday of Summer’

On the 4th Sunday of Summer (Church Calendar), Reverend John Kushaba preached about discipline, obedience, man-made traditions, hypocrisy and opposing godlessness.

Sermon: Rev. John Kushaba ’Uncompromise’