Sermon: Rev John ‘5th Sunday of Elijah’

Reverend John Kushaba preached on the fifth Sunday of Elijah about pride based on Matthew 17:14-27.

Youth Cruise 2012

As it is accustom, Sydney’s Youth Association held their annual Youth Cruise on Friday the 28th September 2012.

Almost of Sydney’s Youth members attended the cruise on the harbor where they all shared a meal in fellowship and a night of entertainment by the one and only DJ Robbie Gee.

Photography courtesy of Justin Rasho.

Preaching: Sh.Alan ‘Whitewashed tombs’

Deacon Alan George preached a sermon on ‘Whitewashed tombs’ by referring to Matthew 23:27-28.

Sermon: Rev John – 4th Sunday of Elijah

Reverend John Kushaba preached on the fourth Sunday of Elijah from Matthew 4:12 – 5:16.

Preaching: Sh.Alan – Baptism part 3

Deacon Alan George preached a third sermon on the holy sacrament of Baptism.

Careers Info Day 2012

Sydney’s Youth Association invited Sydney’s well known tertiary institutions to come and provide information with flyers and forms for the youth who are interested in pursing their futures in various fields.

These fields included; policing, university courses such as social science, health science, engineering etc, college and TAFE courses etc.

Sermon: Rev John – 3rd Sunday of Elijah

Reverend John Kushaba preached on the third Sunday of Elijah about the parable of the wheat and weeds from Matthew 13:24-43.

Preaching: Sh.Neil ‘Saint Mary’

Deacon Neil Makko preached a sermon about the blessed virgin, St. Mary.

Are Youth Balanced?

Sermon Presented By: H.B Mar Meelis Zaia, A.M

Are you seeking answers to questions you cannot comprehend?
Do you ever wonder about science in regards to religion?

Sermon: Rev John – 2nd Sunday of Elijah

Reverend John Kushaba preached on the second Sunday of Elijah about the importance of learning how to identify sheep in wolf’s clothing and being grounded in the truth.