Christmas Celebrated at Sydney Hope Festival


The inaugural Hope Christmas Festival has been held on the grounds of Assyrian Australian Social Centre (formerly Nineveh Club) in Edensor Park, Sydney. The event, described as a resounding success by its organisers, the Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association – Sydney, attracted thousands of faithful and locals.

The Festival was the first of its kind to be organised by the Assyrian Church of the East with the purpose of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ not only amongst the faithful of the church but with the wider community.

Taking place on Boxing Day, 26 December, an Australian national public holiday, the official program opened with a prayer offered by St. Hurmizd Cathedral’s Sunday School.

The day was filled with fun rides and amusements, appearances by popular Disney characters such as Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin with Jasmine, Pinocchio as well as Batman and of course the festival’s friendly clown.

Throughout the day, local Assyrian DJ Robbie entertained the crowd with a wide range of Christmas carols and other well-known soundtracks.

Later in the evening, notable Assyrian singers and entertainers took to the stage and performed for hours with attendees dancing the night away.

Lucky door prizes were drawn and ceramic and arts competitions were held as part of the program.

Parishioners loved the entertainment, while the cultural foods left the attendees with a fulfilled appetite thanks to the collective efforts of the Assyrian Church of the East Ladies Auxiliaries.

Performances were given by various church branches including two dances by the kindergarten students of St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School.

Later in the evening, students of the Mar Narsai Assyrian College performed carols in the spirit of Christmas. They were joined by the choir and faithful of the church’s English-language congregation Ss Peter and Paul Parish led by choir conductor Deacon Ninos Babisha.

The Chaplain of the Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association – Sydney, Rev’d Narsai Youkhanis gave a final address thanking the attendees for their support.

The night concluded with a beautiful display of fireworks viewed by many hundreds of attendees who had remained until the conclusion of the festival.

Owing to the resounding success of this event, it will become an annual event on the calendar of the Sydney Youth Association open to all faithful of the church and the wider local community.

Preaching: Question & Answer Night

Question & Answer night at Friday preaching.

Hope Christmas Festival 2012


Sydney’s Youth Association held their first annual Hope Christmas Festival celebrating the birth of Christ.

The festival was held on Boxing Day comprising of kids and teenagers amusement rides, DJ entertinament during the day (courtesy of DJ Robbie Gee) and live entertainment by famous Assyrian Singers during the afternoon.

SHAPS, MNAC, SUnday School and SPPP performances also entertained the crowds through out the day.

The finale of the festival comprised of carols by candlelight and a firework display.

Photography courtesy of Justin Rasho and Mirna Makko.

2012 Christmas Epistle

Published on 22 Dec 2012

The Patriarchal Nativity Epistle by His Holiness MarDinkha IV Catholicos Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East-December 2012

Sermon: Rev John – Christmas Mass Sermon

As is the custom every Christmas, Reverend John reads an epistle from the patriarch of the Church of the East, Mar Dinkha.

Sermon: Rev John – 4th Sunday of Annunciation.

Reverend John is preaching about the birth to be of our Lord Jesus Christ. He also talks about the importance of reading the Bible in context.

Hope Festival

Sydney’s Youth Association has organised their first ever annual ‘Hope Christmas Festival’ on Boxing Day 2012 at the Assyrian Australian Social Centre’s sports field (rear of Nineveh Lounge).

The day will be comprised of good food and drinks, live entertainment by well-known singers for the whole family, guest stars of favourite Disney characters, clowns, etc., amusement rides for everyone and ultimately giving the true meaning of the Holy Feast of the Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The festival will run from midday till 9 PM with a firework display finale.

See you all then 🙂 God bless you always!

Preaching: Sh.Alan – ‘Vigilance, attentiveness, watchfulness’

Sh. Alan is preaching about being vigilant, attentive and begin watchful. He explains why it’s important to be so and how we can be vigilant, attentive and watchful against demonic forces and worldly influences.

Christmas Services


St Hurmizd’s Cathedral (7-9 Greenfield Road Greenfield Park NSW 2176)

24th – 6:00pm (Prayers) – 9:00pm (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – HB Mar Meelis Zaia AM Metropolitan
25th – 8:00am (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – Rev Fr & Chorbishop Ashur Lazar
St Mary’s Church (94 Polding Street Smithfield NSW 2164)
24th – 5:00pm (Prayers) – 9:00pm (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – Rev Fr Kivarkis Atto
25th – 8:00am (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – Rev Fr Yousif Jazrawy
St George’s Parish (310 Bunnerong Road Matraville NSW 2036)
24th – 6:00pm (Prayers) – 9:00pm (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – Rev Fr Younan Dawood
Sts Peter & Paul Parish (673 Smithfield Road Edensor Park NSW 2176)
24th – 7:30pm (Prayers) – 9:00pm (Holy Eucharistic Offering) – Rev Fr Youkhanan (John) Kushaba

Sermon: Rev John – 3rd Sunday of annunciation

Revered John preached about the reading of Luke 1:57-80. We learn from that reading that John the Baptist was chosen by God to prepare the way for Christ Jesus. We need to be like John, to preach the word to all who need it.