Sermon: Rev John – Sixth Sunday of Epiphany

Reverend John preached about not being proud and being humble. Like the example of John the Baptist, where he mentions that he must decrease and Christ must increase. This sermon is based on the Gospel reading John 3:22-36.

Preaching: Question & Answer Night

The Deacons held a question and answer night at preaching.

Sermon: Rev John – Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

Reverend John is preaching from the Gospel John 3:1-21. He talks about Baptism and the importance of it.

Preaching: Rev John – Saint Peter & Paul Commemoration

Reverend John preached about the commemoration of the Saints Peter & Paul which falls on the 18th of January. He talked about the lives of the two Saints and how their lives encourage us to be true followers of Christ Jesus.

In The Beginning…

Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association Youth Launch JBS

January JBS: “In The Beginning…” by Rev. Narsai Youkhanis


January JBS: “In The Beginning…” by Rev. Narsai Youkhanis, on 13/01/2013.

Sermon: Rev Genard – Third Sunday of Epiphany

He preaches about the introductory of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the introductory of his ministry. The Lord used John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lamb of God, who is Jesus Christ. The Gospel reading is based on John 1:29-42.

Preaching: Rev John – Night clubs

Reverend John is preaching about night clubs. Is it something good or bad? Is it a sin? Would God approve of it?

Armour of God


Youth Return 2013 is this Sunday 7PM at SHAPS Hall.

See you all on Sunday equipped with your swords.
(i.e the Holy Bible) as soldiers of Christ, ready to explore the message that is to be revealed to us through His word and strengthening us to fight the challenges and temptation of this world.

Sermon: Rev John – Second Sunday of Epiphany

Reverend John is preaching about the baptism of the epiphany of Christ. He preaches about the importance of Baptism.