Sermon: Rev Narsai – Third Sunday of the Great Fast

Revered Narsai Youkhanis is preaching about the Gospel reading of Matthew 20:17-28.

Preaching: Question & Answer Night

The Deacons held a question and answer night at preaching.

Sermon: Rev Ninos – Second Sunday of the Great Fast

Reverend Ninos Elya’s sermon is based on the gospel reading Matthew 7:15-29. We need to build our faith on Christ because he is the rock and foundation of our faith. Reverend Ninos focuses on one of the pillars which helps keep strong the foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ, which is fasting.

Preaching: Sh.Alan – End time prophecies

Shamasha Alan is preaching about the end time prophecies. We shouldn’t worry about what’s going to happen in the end times but rather focus more on what we do before it happens. The sermon is based on the Gospel reading Matthew 24:1-31.

Sermon: Rev John – First Sunday of the Great Fast

Reverend John is preaching about the beginning of the Great Fast. We must learn from our Lord Savour Jesus Christ who taught us how to fast. The Gospel reading was from Matthew 3:16-4:11.

Preaching: Sh.Ninos – Biblical interpretations, literal, symbolic or both

Shamsha Ninos preaches about biblical interpretations, literal, symbolic or both. He talks conducting a spiritual health check, such as focusing on Bible reading. We need to read and learn from the Bible so that we will have an answer for why we are Christians. Also, the Bible provides us a guide line on what the truth is as there are many false teachings.