Record crowds pack YGT 2013!

By: Emmanuel Brikha

The annual Youths Got Talent show has officially kicked off for 2013 on Sunday, in front of a sell-out crowd of hundreds of people at the Nineveh Lounge in Edensor Park, Sydney.

The highly acclaimed show that is hosted by the Assyrian church of the East Youth Association Sydney (ACEYAS) featured four new judges this year. Assyrian music stars, Charles Tooma, Randa Yacoub, Ramos D Artist and Ben Isaac.

Tickets went on sale weeks prior to the event online, but the demand was high and tickets at the door also sold out. It wasn’t long before the theatre hall reached full capacity.

More than a dozen youth contestants with talents ranging from singing, to rapping, performing with instruments and dancing wowed the audience with the help of the dazzling atmosphere of light and sound.

Humorous host and YGT director George Rasho along with his stunning co-host Reema Khammo introduced the first act to wild cheers from the crowd, signalling the launch to ‘Youths Got Talent’ 2013.

Heather Tamson opened the stage with her performance of Kelly Clarkson’s hit ‘Because of you’.

The youngest of contestants, two-year-old Abella Rose brought cuteness to the competition when she took to the stage in her dancing costume to the backdrop of pink lights.

Throughout the night the audience witnessed an array of talent including Christian rap acts by Luke Jacobs ‘Big Slang’, and Mark Isho ‘Mark the truth’. Off course a talent show would not be complete without a Michael Jackson performance, which was fabulously given by Ashour Keryakos.

But it was three acts that had all four judges out of their seats giving standing ovations. The first was young contestant George Georges who performed the Linda George unity hit ‘Omtho Hich lo Maitho’, the second was Mark Isho who despite experiencing technical difficulties with his soundtrack continued to rap without audio backing.

But who could forget the last act of the night, 11 year old Ashour Sargis who not only captivated and engaged the audience but had all four judges up on their feet and dancing to his version of ‘Nala’ by Albert Mansour.

Assyrian recording artist and judge Charles Tooma was taken by surprise at the attendance of so many youth.

‘I have never seen so many Assyrian youth (teenagers) in any function organised by any organisation apart from Assyrian New Year festivities’, he said.

He also mentioned Sunday night’s show experience as a judge.

‘During the last 32 years of my singing career I’ve been fortunate to be part of and witnessed many celebrations and have drawn great memories from, but last night’s experience was one I will remember for many years to come’.

Youth Association coordinator, Adwena David, expressed her appreciation to volunteers after months of planning for the event.

‘A lot of hard work has gone into the planning and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The success of the night, as with the success of every event, comes down to the generous volunteers we have. We thank everyone who has had a part, big or small, in helping us bring this show to life’ she said.

YGT Director– George Rasho

YGT Director George Rasho believes last night’s show was one of the biggest yet and reiterated the need for community support.

‘Last night’s show was undoubtedly one of the biggest that our community has seen in terms of artistic expression’.

‘This show is not just about getting on stage to perform, it’s about showcasing our God given talents and coming together as a community and helping our youth reach their goals’.

He also thanked the Youth Association Core Committee who have worked towards making the show the great success it’s been and the judges for their honest, critical yet encouraging feedback.

‘This year’s audience was also a star in itself. Thank you to all of those that came and supported the young stars and the Youth Association and the judges this year gave a professional and honest opinion to all of our contestants and truly encouraged them through their own wisdom’

How to vote

To keep your favourite act in the 2013 YGT competition you can simply do that by voting via sms or online.

For sms, just message the full name of the contestant to 04888 ‘YOUTH’, or simply like their video via the Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association of Sydney Facebook page.

1. Heather Tamson

2. Anothony Makko & Dinatra Misho

3. Abella Rose Gorail

4. Luke Jacob

5. George Georges

6. Rene Adam

7. Shayla Wales and Diana Yousif

8. Dn Ninos Babisha

9. Ashour Keryakos

10. Cadena Slmonyans

11. Matin Isho

12. Christian Khanou

13. Ashur Varde

14. Emily Lazar

15. Dina Adam

16. Ashour Sargis

Purchase tickets online via the youth group page to secure your seat at the epic finale show on Sunday 23rd June 2013 from Ticketbud.