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Annual Retreat 2012


Sydney’s Youth Association held the Annual Retreat for 2012 at Youthworks Watersleigh Campsite in Shoalhaven from Friday the 30th November till Sunday the 2nd December. The retreat comprised of a scavenger hunt, physical activities (canoeing, abseiling, raft building, billy carting, caving, archery), amazing race, bonfire, Razeh Qadisheh, affirmations and workshops. Photography courtesy of Justin Rasho

HOPE Christmas Festival


Hope Christmas Festival Sydney’s Youth Association has organised their first ever annual ‘Hope Christmas Festival’ on Boxing Day 2012 at the Assyrian Australian Social Centre’s sports field (rear of Nineveh Lounge). The day will be comprised of good food and drinks, live entertainment by well-known singers for the whole family, guest stars of favourite Disney […]

How The East Was Won – Presented by the renowned Dr. J.J. van Ginkel, from University Leiden, Netherlands.


How The East Was Won – Presented by the renowned Dr. J.J. van Ginkel, from University Leiden, Netherlands. from ACEYAS on Vimeo. The Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association Sydney had organised a lecture for all the sons and daughters of the Holy Church, and alike. This lecture was presented by the renowned Dr. […]

Walk-A-Thon 2012

God has blessed Sydney’s Youth Association with another successful walk-a-thon fundraiser. All proceedings were directed to church projects, ACERO and Children’s Starlight Foundation. The 10 km walk commenced at St Hurmizd Cathedral and finished at the future sight for Ss Peter and Paul Parish. Afterwards, the walkers were transported back to Edessa Reception to share […]

Youth Cruise 2012

As it is accustom, Sydney’s Youth Association held their annual Youth Cruise on Friday the 28th September 2012. Almost of Sydney’s Youth members attended the cruise on the harbor where they all shared a meal in fellowship and a night of entertainment by the one and only DJ Robbie Gee. Photography courtesy of Justin Rasho.

Careers Info Day 2012

Sydney’s Youth Association invited Sydney’s well known tertiary institutions to come and provide information with flyers and forms for the youth who are interested in pursing their futures in various fields. These fields included; policing, university courses such as social science, health science, engineering etc, college and TAFE courses etc.