Media section released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Media section to our diocese website. Using the Media section, you will be able to listen to the latest sermons and radio programs of the Church and also check the latest photos and readings. Make sure to subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feeds to get the latest updates from our site.


Rogation of the Ninevites Explained

As the Rogation of the Ninvites is approaching, come take part in understanding why it was that our forefathers upheld the fast and why it is essential we take part in this fast.

Priest and Deacon Ordinations in Melbourne

His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia AM, Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon has made an episcopal sojourn to Melbourne, where he elevated Deacon Antawan Mikhail to the sacred priesthood and announced the city’s new church name.

For more information visit the news website here.

Feast of the Epiphany

The Holy Eucharist will be offered in remembrance of the holy baptism of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. The service of holy baptism will be offered at the conclusion of the Eucharist in both churches.

Service times

Australia – NSW
St Hurmizd’s Cathedral
8:30am – H.B Mar Meelis Zaia AM

St Mary’s Church
8:30am – Rev. Gewargis Atto

Australia – VIC
St George’s Church
9:00am – Rev. Narsai Youkhanis

New Zealand – Auckland.
St. Mary’s church
9:00am – Rev. Toma Kanoun

Lebanon – Beirut
St George’s Church
9:00am – Archdeacon Emmanuel Betyou

Patriarchal Christmas Epistle 2010

Read this year’s Christmas Epistle on the Church news website.

Click here to read

Sunday evening Church mass – Ss Peter and Paul Parish

Church services are now also held each Sunday evening. The Saints Peter and Paul Parish is the only English speaking parish in the Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand. Led by Reverend John Kushaba, the parish holds numerous ministries each week, including Bible studies, Preaching and the Holy Eucharist services. Each are held in the English language being translated from the original Assyrian and Aramaic versions.

The Holy Bible studies are held each Wednesday evening between 7pm to 8pm for those between ages 12 – 17 years. Also for those 18 years and over there is classes at 8pm to 9pm. This is held at St Hurmizd Primary school class rooms.

The preaching service is held each Friday evening at St Marys Church at 8pm.

The Holy Eucharist service is held each Sunday evening at St Marys Church at 6pm.

Carols By Candle Light 2010 Photos

Photos from this years 2010 Carols By Candle Light.

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