Includes podcasts from the Church Sermons in the English Language preached by the Church Clergy.

Preaching: Rev John – Curses

Reverend John preached about the topic of curses. What is a curse? Where did it come from?

Sermon: Rev John – 5th Sunday of the Apostles

Reverend John teaches about being worry free and careless. The parable was on a man who stored up riches for himself, instead of giving his first fruits to the Lord. He chose to store up goods for himself so that he doesn’t have to work anymore, to enjoy the riches of life. He was carefree and was called a fool by God. The Gospel reading was from Luke 12.

Preaching: Question & Answer night

Question & Answer night at Friday preaching.

Sermon: Rev John – 4th Sunday of the Apostles

In Christ we will have joy, peace, freedom, life and willingly become slaves to righteousness. The Gospel reading was from Luke 6:12-46.

Sermon: Rev John – 3rd Sunday of the Apostles

Rev John preaches about waiting patiently. The Gospel reading was based on a lawyer testing Jesus Christ, asking what he should do to inherit eternal life. The Gospel reading was from Luke 10:23-42.

Sermon: Rev John – 2nd Sunday of the Apostles

The Gospel reading is from Luke 7:31-50.

Sermon: Rev John – Pentecost

In this sermon, we remember the day of Pentecost, the day of when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven. The Gospel reading was from John 14:15-17, 25-26 & 15:26-16:15.

Sermon: Rev John – 1st Sunday after the Ascension

The lesson from gospel reading is about humility. We learn that pride can distract us from the truth, cloud our vision and it can get in the way of us serving God. The Gospel reading was from Mark 16.
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Sermon: Rev John – Christ’s Prayer

Reverend John preached about the prayer by our Lord Jesus Christ about his apostles and for everyone who listen to the apostles. The Gospel reading was from John 17.

Preaching: Rev John – Doubt

Reverend John is preaching about the topic of doubt.