The future and hope of every Church and Nation is said to be it’s Youth. This is a logically accepted and important concept for the survival of a nation. The Church in Australia has continuously endeavoured to implement new strategies for the attraction of its youth, involving them in fields such as, religion, education and social activities. By this, our entire community has and will continue achieving successful results.

Mission Statement

Jesus calls us to follow, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Mathew 11:28. The Assyrian Church Youth Association fosters the passion and dreams of Assyrian youth; linking our voices toward vital, empowered and supported ministry with youth at all level. In pursuit of the Youth Association vision we endeavor to provide leadership for the purpose of

  • Connecting Assyrian Youth
  • Supporting Assyrian Community
  • Advocating for youth empowerment
  • Encouraging discussion around ministry with youth
  • Ensuring opportunities for youth participation in all level of our faith

The following are some of the present and past activities/programs of the Church Youth Group.

  • Assyrian Bible Study meetings every Sunday at 6.00pm in St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School, Located behind the Cathedral.
  • Weekly radio program (Saturdays 3-4pm on 2GLF FM 89.3 )
  • Teaching Assyrian Language (Every Sunday start at 5pm)
  • Religious seminars (presented by His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia)
  • Educational and Religious lectures
  • Teaching Assyrian Language (every Sunday start at 5pm)
  • Various sporting competitions such as table tennis & volley ball
  • Fund raising (walkathon)
  • Community support (Assyrian cemeteries clean-up day)
  • Interstate & possible overseas trips (Melbourne Visit and New Zealand – Auckland)
  • Picnics and parties

Visit of the Sydney youth to their brothers & sisters at the Auckland youth in 2009